Brunch Money

July 30, 2015

brunchFirst of all, this pouch.  THIS POUCH!  I mean.  Forever21 has some hits, and this is definitely one of them. Post church service, I LOVE to brunch and day party on Sundays.  I know, I know. Shhh!  It’s the best thing, ever.  There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than spending quality time with the ones I love while sippin’ somethin’ and enjoying a yummy breakfast as the sun is shining on our faces, and laughs fill the air, with no care in the world and no place to be.

This past Sunday after many attempts to hit up The Parlor for #HashtagLunchBag, I finally made it with two of my girls.  And we had a BLAST.  I’ve always been a philanthropist and passionate about giving back whenever I can, however I can– but seriously, who knew giving back could be this fun!?

We packed lunches with a sandwich, bottled water, ‘love note’ and orange, while dancing to tunes spinning by my bestie, DJ Printz.  We then headed down to Skid Row in DTLA to connect with the neglected, and pass out the sack lunches to those in need.  It was seriously one of the most reward things I’ve done.  Afterward, we headed back to The Parlor for a yummy brunch where I stuffed my mouth with french toast and sipped mimosas for hours.

THE best. I encourage everyone to check  out #HashtagLunchBag and join the movement in cities all over the world!  Living through giving is what life is all about.  We must not get too caught up in our own lives, drama and #firstworldproblems, that we miss what is really going on in our communities.

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