11 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Home Under $200

December 17, 2015

11 Gift Guide Ideas For The Home 10

If you are anything like me, and are still procrastinating gift shopping, or have no idea what to buy, may I suggest a few gift ideas for the home?  I rounded up some beautiful items that any gal with a taste for rad home goods will go gaga over.  And the best part? They are all under $200.  Happy shopping!

White Marble Seashell Box
This beautiful mix of marble and gold is perfect for that dream beachfront home.  A girl can dream, can’t she?  No matter where your home is situated, this is is a beautiful accessory that can go in the bedroom or the living room.

A set of Moscow Mule mugs  
These gorge minimalist copper mugs are a must-have for the Mule lover.  Grab a set of four and DIY a gift box that includes the makings for a perfect Moscow Mule.  Voila!
11 Gift Guide Ideas For The Home 9

Frame A Friend’s IG Photos 
Personally, I am really bad at getting photos printed AND framed.  And for this, I am a huge fan of Framebridge.  It is affordable and their process is too easy.  Plus you can pull directly from Instagram.
11 Gift Guide Ideas For The Home 8_thefashionablybroke

Jonathan Adler Studded Vase
We all have that one person in our life that loves flowers, especially bouquets of flowers in the home. This matte porcelain piece is to die for, plus I’m a sucker for studs and anything Adler, so it has to be on the list.
11 Gift Guide Ideas For The Home 7

Mommy Dearest Throw Pillow

“No wire hangers, ever!!!”  Surprisingly, I was introduced to the movie Mommy Dearest at a young age.  I seriously don’t even know if my brain was fully formed yet. I kid, I kid.  This movie has been the butt of countless jokes in my family.  And those who have seen and dig this movie – and think it is absolutely hilarious – should have this pillow.  It definitely adds character and humor to a room.
11 Gift Guide Ideas For The Home 6

Chic Notebook
For the collector of beautiful notebooks, this Kelly Wearstler Avant Notebook is the perfect gift.  It is handmade in Nepal, featuring a wax design and pages handmade from a rich ivory fiber.
11 Gift Guide Ideas For The Home 5

Kyoto Candle by Comme des Garcons
I recently came across this candle and it is an amazing home fragrance.  The scent is calming and fresh, yet spicy and smokey.
11 Gift Guide Ideas For The Home 4

Black and brushed gold cutlery set
This is probably the coolest flatware you’ve ever seen.  An unlikely but splendid artisanal gift is this modern cutlery set from Cutipol.  It is made by a family-owned business in the village of Sao Martinho de Sande, Portugal.  11 Gift Ideas For The Home 3

Anything from Aesop
Cult favorite and minimalist brand, Aesop has the coolest home products, like Post-Poo Drops, Animal “a gentle fur cleanser for pampered pets,” as well as beautiful oil blends.  Your loved one will have the most lovely smelling home there is!

11 Gift Ideas for The Home 2

Kate Spade Vase
One can never have enough beautiful and quirky vases. This Kate Spade Daisy Place Vase features the best quote in a painterly design that reads, “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck, with freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” Not I! 11 Gift Guide Ideas For The Home 11

Do you have any cool home gifts to share?  Sounds off in the comments!  Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’! 🙂

Images via @TheFashionablyBroke, CB2, Jonathan Adler, Barneys, Rachel George

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