15 Things to Let Go of In 2016

December 25, 2015

15 Things To Let Go of In 2016

Years ago, my dad and I had a misunderstanding that cost us about five years of father daughter bonding time, as well as resentment.  You cannot get back the amount of time you spend holding on to negative feelings toward someone, and really it is a waste of energy.  Fortunately, my dad and I mended our relationship this year.  We discovered we both had completely different perspectives on the series of events that distanced us.  And if we had only communicated lovingly how we felt, I would not be writing this right now.

As I reflect on this past year and head into 2016 ,  I realize how important it is to let go of as well as remember the impermanence of all things.  I came to the conclusion that most of the major events that happen in a year, force you to let go.  To let go of what you are holding onto so tightly.  To let go of what does not serve you. To let go so you can let in.

So, instead of waiting on life to force you to release, I say we get proactive and create a list of things to stop and drop before January 1st.  Let’s start here:

  1. Let go of self-inflicted stress.  As women, we tend to stress ourselves out over the most trivial things, like not finding the right gift box for your boyfriend’s mother.  Or putting too much on our plates, unnecessarily so.  I fall victim to this all too often. Take a step back, figure out the root of the stress, and make the necessary adjustments.
  2. Let go of the word “yes.”  A bit extreme?  Possibly.  But if you are one of those people who says yes to everyone, at the expense of your own wellbeing and peace of mind,  learn to say no, and often.  You will feel a lot more in control of your life.  I live by this.  Maybe a little too much. :-p
  3. Let go of binge watching TV –  Let’s face it, TV bingeing provides an escape, and is down right awesome.  But overdoing it with TV viewing means less time doing other things you enjoy, like reading and creating.  And……..TV binging encourages procrastination, which leads me to the next one.
  4. Let go of procrastination.  I like to start on the hardest or most time consuming items on my “to do” list at the beginning of the day. Trust me, it works.  Just go for it!  The sooner you start, the sooner it is over.
  5. Let go of wanting more.  This is one of the most important for me.  We are always wanting, wanting, wanting.  And it is exhausting.  We must learn to be grateful for what we have, and to not feel that we always NEED more.
  6. Let go of overspending.  I believe this is a challenge for women everywhere.  My hacks for this: comparison shopping, auto savings deposits, gratefulness, and just saying no.15 Things To Let Go in 2016 on
  7. Let go of comparing yourself to others. Social media can lead you down the rabbit hole of unhappiness, quickly.  Remember, we are all on beautiful individual journeys, and you have no idea what others lives are really like.  Plus, it doesn’t even matter.  Focus on YOU and living the best life you can live, that brings YOU the most joy.
  8. Let go of being too hard on yourself.  We make a lot of mistakes as human beings.  We sometimes say stupid things, and do things out of character, but we have to forgive ourselves over and over.  And yes, that means even if others may not.
  9. Let go of not feeling talented and beautiful.  We are all good at something. And beauty is as beauty does.
  10. Let go of trying be anywhere, but in the moment.  Learn to anchor yourself in the present moment, otherwise see number 1.  It is not worth it.  The present is where you are most creative, aware, and the sharpest.
  11. Let go of being tethered to social media. Try to leave your phone in another room for  2 hours out of the day. You will feel much lighter.
  12. Let go of making assumptions.  Ask questions, even if you think you know the answers.  And never assume anyone else’s thoughts, unless they have shared their views with you.  This makes life a lot less complicated.
  13. Let go of being unapproachable.  Do not be afraid to let your guard down, and let others in.  You will be surprised by the gifts that come from unexpected interactions.
  14. Let go of feeling like you are not doing enough.  Jot down all of your accomplishments and see #7.  I promise, it will instantly put a smile on your face, and you will feel like you can take over the world.
  15. Let go of taking things personally.  This especially goes for the workplace.  If someone hasn’t personally discussed an issue with you, just let whatever it is, go.  You will be so much happier.

What are you letting of in 2016? Share with me in the comments! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “15 Things to Let Go of In 2016

  1. Nytia

    I needed this!!!!! I’m totally going to work on these! There are a few of these that will be special attention! This is an awesome way to start a new year!

  2. Daiana

    This is honestly so great, I’ve been struggling with a few of these things myself. It’s good to hear these things from someone else and their take on it. <3

    1. Jennifer Rose Post author

      Daiana, glad you enjoyed the post! We have to stick together in doing and being better this year! 🙂


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