My top 5 travel hacks

July 13, 2016

My TOP 5 Travel HACKs

I’m heading to Mexico for a short, but much needed vacay at the end of the month, so I’ve been thinking a lot about how I travel.  As well as my tried and true hacks I’ve used within the last few years that have  served me well.  Take a peek at my top five hacks I never travel anywhere without. I will eventually put together a longer list of travel hacks that work for me in another post.  I hope you find it useful.

Hit up Starbucks after TSA

If you’re anything like me, your routine when catching a morning flight includes heading to Starbucks immediately following TSA.  When grabbing your coffee or tea before your flight, also ask for a Venti cup of water instead of paying $3 for a bottle.  Even better, bring your favorite empty water bottle  (Mine is BKR) and empty the the SB water into your bottle.  This way your water stays cold and is secure, plus you don’t have to rely on the flight attendant to serve you.

My Top 5 Travel hacks on #travel #hacks

I Go Incognito

Anytime I’m searching for flights, I open the “incognito” window (aka private browsing) in my Chrome browser.  Why? Because companies may raise the price of the flight or hotel when you return to the site to check-in on price changes.  And this will cause you to be frantic and purchase right away, because you’re worried the price will jump even higher.  Incognito is the way.

My Sunglass Cases Do Double Duty

I used to be a big sunglass collector, and love how they can change your look in an instant.  Because of this love, I have a collection of cases; some of which are too bulky to keep in my purse or lonesome cases from lost or broken sunglasses.  But I recently found another use for them – a charger, USB cord, and headphone organizer.  When I travel for work, I never leave without this.  I can drop this in my carry-on then to my tote without forgetting anything. You’re welcome!

I Pack Strategically and Lightly  

My two rules of thumb.  Only pack pieces you love and only pack pieces that can be paired in at least three different ways for various, spontaneous occasions. Hej Doll has great posts on this concept. For shoes? One heel, one sneaker (you can both workout in and hit the streets while still looking stylish), one flat. This works really well because 1) less luggage to deal with, 2) you will always feel great in what you’re wearing, 3) you’ll be ready for anything and 4) it adds ease to getting ready for the day.  Look! That’s four reasons why should stop overpacking, and start doing THIS.

My Top 5 Travel hacks on #travel #hacks


I Keep A Packed Toiletry Bag Ready To Go

Working in the beauty industry I’ve collected brush sets, samples, make-up bags as well as the travel toothpastes from the dentist.  I have it all, and save it all for the sake of travel.  Having this kit readily packed, or at least most of it with all the beauty items I will need, makes my life and packing so much easier.  I just throw it in my suitcase, and it’s done.

What is your number one travel hack? Let me know in the comments!  Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’!



4 thoughts on “My top 5 travel hacks

  1. Nytia

    Love this! Certainly doing the sunglasses cases hack! So smart! One of my go to travel hacks is a purse organizer. Put everything you need for the flight in the handy organizer that comes with zipped pockets and sections for money, cards, electronics (and airplane soxks! Lol) Than I just grab that one organizer and I’m ready for my flight! Everything else can go in the overhead and not have to worry about getting up and down to get things or forget something you put in the back seat. (RIP to my first iPad!)


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