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Updating My Fall 2017 Wardrobe and Paying off Student Loan Debt

October 2, 2017

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I am so excited for fall fashion. I love me some summer, but you can have so much more fun with layers, boots, metallics.. AHHH…the outfit opportunities are endless.  And what I love most about living in LA is that I can still incorporate my summer clothes for various looks. However, the question is, how do I update my wardrobe with the pieces I want/love the most and getting through the last month and a half of paying off my debt? I am right at the finish line, but my wardrobe needs a major overhaul.

My debt free journey

To give a little background, I started my debt-free journey almost two years ago. And I really got serious with a strategy around July of 2016 when I randomly discovered the Dave Ramsey podcast during my commute. It’s so interesting that when you are focused and on a specific path to reach a goal, how God will place specific resources in your way, or provide wisdom and guidance from unlikely sources.

Prior to discovering the Dave Ramsey podcast, I was trying to accomplish many goals at once. Maxing out my retirement, paying off student loans and I had quite a bit of cash stashed in my emergency fund. I was super proud of myself, given most Americans barely save for anything. And I quickly realized, as smart as I thought I was, my way was not the best way.  So, I decided to follow The Baby Steps and clear out most of my emergency fund, pay off one of my loans, stopped paying into retirement, and got ‘gazelle’ intense on paying down the remaining student loans, FAST. As you know, amidst scaling back my lifestyle, Adil and I got engaged, which of course, slowed things down a bit. But, I never stopped my intensity.  By November, we will have accomplished cash-flowing a beautiful wedding and be completely debt free. And just in time to really enjoy the holidays. YAY!!


Shopping habits

Now, let’s get into my shopping habits during this time. Most of the time, I would only buy things I needed here and there that were decently priced and was missing from my wardrobe. I splurged here and there but didn’t make it a habit. I sold/give away a lot of stuff I wasn’t wearing in the last two years or simply didn’t want.  Last year, I was saving most of my wardrobe money to have a significant amount to shop in Spain during our holiday trip. It was well worth it as I scored pieces at Zara way below what I would pay here in L.A.

My style

Now, on to my personal style. I would consider myself an edgy minimalist, but I am also an accessories freak. The color palette I tend to vibe with are stripes, black, white, neutrals and earthtones. And by staying within a particular color palette, my wardrobe works very cohesively and seamlessly. It makes styling outfits for all occasions a lot easier. I’ve also noticed that I have adopted my mom’s way of shopping. You know how they say, sooner or later you turn into your mother? Truth.  I usually purchase all my must-have key pieces a month into the season, and then pepper in pieces here and there like a jacket, shoes, or accessories. I value quality over quantity and for trendy pieces, I’ll just buy these at F21 or H&M.

Here is a glimpse of my fall wardrobe inspo below! I am still into monochromatic looks (it’s just so dang chic). Wide leg crops are IT for me. I’m digging unusual tops, especially bell sleeves – obsessed. Also, looking forward to pulling out my blazers again. I took a break from rocking them for couple of years, and I am ready to bring them back out as well as update a couple.

Updating my fall 2017 wardrobe and paying off student loan debt @itsjenniferrose Updating my fall 2017 wardrobe and paying off student loan debt @itsjenniferrose Updating my fall 2017 wardrobe and paying off student loan debt @itsjenniferrose

New pieces I will add this season

I love fashion. I love beauty. I love interiors and anything aesthetically pleasing, to which I am drawn. But a point came in my life when I had to choose growth, self-control and sacrifice, in order to live the life I want, that is truly free. Are you on a debt-free journey? How do you shop for your wardrobe? Please share in the comments!


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