My Fall 2018 Fashion Wishlist + Style Inspo

October 10, 2018

My Fall 2018 Wishlist + Style Inspo @itsjenniferrose

The temperature is dropping and It finally feels like fall in LA – my favorite time of year. Bring on the HOT Dirty Chai and long evenings. Fall fashion makes me very happy. I am excited to build layers, rock my many variations of black leather boots, and a vampy lip. And I’m ready for my mom to ask me why I wear so much black, LOL. For me, it’s the best time to express myself through style.

I already own a lot of great pieces from last year that I am excited to style again, but I am also looking forward to adding a few more pieces to refresh my fall wardrobe. I don’t believe in buying an entire new closet worth of clothes every season. I have pieces I love and wear year after year, so only a few items are necessary. Having less to work with allows me to be more creative with my personal style. So, check out what’s on my short list!

Old School Original Black Vans

Yes, I know. It’s super trendy. I waited a while before I got on the train, but honestly they are cute and I need a black sneaker I can throw on and go. A lot of my sneakers are worn to the ground because I literally only own three pairs.

Leopard Print skirt from Realisation

As a self-proclaimed leopard print freak, I am happy that we are having a leopard moment again. For me, it’s like wearing black – it goes with everything. And I haven’t found one that has a print as good as this one from Realisation. Plus, I love that it has an elastic waistband! I guess I just need to cough up the coin.

White Booties

I have been eyeing white booties for a while now, and these beauties are perfect from & Other Stories. They are genuine leather and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Boyy Bag in Black

I really need a great looking, classic, understated black bag. I think this IT bag by BOYY might just be what I need.

Sweaters and More Sweaters

I recently got rid of several gnarly sweaters that had seen better days, so it’s time to re-up. And I’m diggin’ this oversized number.

High Waisted. Cropped. Straight leg jeans

So many adjectives for one pair of jeans. I would have purchased these last year, but it’s hard to find a pair that I really love. If you have any brands that you love for someone like me with booty and hips, get at me. I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair. I noticed these at & Other Stories, but I have no idea how their denim fits. If anyone does, please post in the comments!

Faux Leather pants or leggings

I had two pairs of faux leather leggings that I wore into the ground, one being a really great pair I found randomly at Ann Taylor Loft years ago. They were so chic and effortless, and I haven’t been able to find a replacement pair that are as good. But I do like these from Splendid!

Style inspo

My Fall 2018 Wishlist + Style Inspo @itsjenniferrose My Fall 2018 Wishlist + Style Inspo @itsjenniferrose Halo Hair Extensions My Fall 2018 Wishlist + Style Inspo @itsjenniferrose My Fall 2018 Wishlist + Style Inspo @itsjenniferrose My Fall 2018 Wishlist + Style Inspo @itsjenniferrose My Fall 2018 Wishlist + Style Inspo @itsjenniferrose My Fall 2018 Wishlist + Style Inspo @itsjenniferrose My Fall 2018 Wishlist + Style Inspo @itsjenniferrose

That’s all for now folks! What are you into this fall? Share with me!

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