Long-haul Travel Must-Haves For Spain

December 13, 2018


It is the week before our annual holiday trip to Spain to visit the in-laws, so I thought I’d write a post about my personal travel must-haves for long-haul trips. Hopefully, it doesn’t sound like every other blog post, telling you what you should and shouldn’t pack and blah blah blah. But I’m not gonna lie, there might be a little bit of that. Hey, if it works, it works. I LOVE to travel to new places, gain inspiration, and meet new people; but I loathe the process of transport. It does not excite me in the least. It actually gives me anxiety. Yes, even with global entry, I want to pull my hair out. I find myself always rushing even when I have given myself plenty of time. So, here are my long-haul travel must-haves that help keep me a little more sane while trippin’ (specifically in colder climates). 

A cute, comfy pair of sneaks

I always wear a pair of stylish and comfy sneakers on the plane that I plan to wear during my trip. We walk a lot in Europe, so having a shoe that supports that is fundamental. I’ll be bringing my vans this time around. I will probably bring another for working out but I’m not sure yet.

Uniqlo Heattech everything

I’m such a huge fan of Uniqlo’s Heattech pieces. When I’m heading to a cooler climate, I don’t leave home without them. I’ll be rocking my Extra Warm Long Sleeve Bodysuit and ribbed leggings from the  Alexander Wang collection. I will keep the leggings in my carry-on backpack in case it’s really cold in the cabin (which tends to happen on overseas flights) and I can slide them on under my pants. If it’s too cold, then I can’t sleep. And that’s a no-no

Micellar wipes at take-off

I will be honest. I’m not a micellar water fan. I think it’s unnecessary unless you need a quick wipe down at the gym or to wash your face while traveling, of course. If I’m flying early in the day, upon take-off, I whip out my Complete Cleansing Micellar Wipes from Creme Shop and remove the tinted moisturizer off my face and immediately apply my moisturizer. It’s perfect because you don’t need a sink and can do it right there in your seat. And the same applies if I land and it’s daytime. I wash my face with the wipe and proceed with my routine.

Fenty Beauty Matchstick in Truffle

I keep my makeup very simple when I travel, and I opt for products that can do double-duty. The Fenty Beauty Matchstick in Truffle is one of those products for me. I can both contour and use it as an eyeshadow crease color when I want to look a little more dolled up for a night out. Plus, it cannot break into pieces on the road and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Excedrin, and supplements

There have been so many times when I have forgotten my Excedrin or some sort of pain reliever and I’m up at 6AM in an unfamiliar city trying to figure out where the nearest store is to get some relief. I have learned my lesson. I now keep a bottle in my backpack at all times. I like Excedrin because it has a little caffeine in it. My bestie put me on this one. And of course, I never leave home without my zinc and multivitamin. If your multi does not have probiotics, I highly recommend you bring some. Things can get a little crazy in your body when you travel to a different place or time zone, and you’re also eating different food.

Face Moisturizer for night time

I keep my face moisturizer in my backpack because I apply it two to three times on an 8-10 flight. This ensures my skin never gets dry and I don’t break out.

iPad. Never leave home without it.

This is a given, but I wanted to mention it. I make sure to download two books, a couple of movies and TV shows I want to watch on the plane in case the flight doesn’t have adequate entertainment. It’s better to feel prepared instead of feeling trapped on a plane with nowhere to go and nothing to entertain you.

A silk sleep mask

My favorite sleep mask is from Amazon, and I never forget it. It is comfortable and adjustable, and I can get undisturbed sleep even when the idiot next to me wants to read at 2 AM. It’s also quite affordable and comes in different prints and colors.

My oversized brown wool coat from Zara

Funny enough, I actually purchased this coat at Zara in Madrid a couple of years ago and it is my favorite winter coat for travel because you can easily layer sweaters underneath without any bulkiness. It is unique because it’s not a thick, heavy coat, but it keeps me very warm.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix

This is my new favorite. When I land in Spain it will be late afternoon, which means early AM for me. To prevent jet lag, I will be whipping out my Mushroom Coffee Mix to help me stay awake. Not only does it taste great, but it also has adaptogens to combat the stress of travel on my body. All I need is hot water.

Healthy snacks

I like to pack celery sticks, peanut butter, Mama Chia squeezes, almonds, the list goes on. This helps with keeping up my normal way of eating, but also helps with jet lag and feeling my best self. Plus, sometimes the food is really bad on overseas flights. I’m just saying.

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