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My Experience After Doing 30 Days of Ziva Meditation

April 20, 2019

During the last week of February, I was listening to the PCOS Diva podcast, and she introduced a woman named Emily Fletcher, founder of the Z Technique and Ziva Meditation. Now, if you’re a frequent reader or personal friend, you know by now that I love trying new personal development hacks and strategies to better myself, so my ears perked up immediately.

I’ve meditated off/on for years and would notice a difference in how much more chill I felt throughout the day even if I just did it for 10 minutes in the morning using an app (also while not really knowing if I was doing it right). So I was intrigued to learn more. Fletcher was promoting her new book, Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance. Obviously, I’m like, “Yes I need this!” Purchasing this. Now. Also, I had never read a book on meditation so I was excited.


Without spending too much time on this. Let me provide an overview of the book so you have some context. The first half of the book defines meditation, why we need it, how most of us have been doing it wrong and all the scientific research to back it up (I’m all about the science!). The second half of the book is where you learn the Z Meditation Technique, which is comprised of “coming to your senses” for 1 minute, 14 minutes of meditation where you bring your mind back to the mantra, ONE, and lastly the manifestation part for 2 minutes after that. And you do this twice a day. So, it is a total of 17 minutes for each session. I highly recommend this book, and if you know all of the benefits of meditation, just skip to the technique. One small warning is that the author does reference her ZivaOnline course a few times in the book because it gets deeper into the technique and costs a few hundos, but the book will serve you well.

My Experience

After reading this book, I couldn’t wait to start the Z Technique. I love 30-day challenges. It’s my go-to hack for creating a new habit, and it’s how I kicked my sugar habit for good. So, let’s get into it.

The first two weeks: I would complete my first meditation as soon as I woke up, and for the first 21 days, I scheduled the second meditation so I wouldn’t forget. I’m not going to lie this s**t was rough. Fletcher does mention how at the beginning of starting this, you will start to feel “unstressing”. This basically means all of the stress and bulls**t you’ve gone through in your life that has been stuck in your body is coming out. Yeah, doesn’t sound too great huh? But, trust me it’s better out than in. The unstressing period will look different for everyone, but this is what mine looked like: crazy dreams, bouts of anger and irritation, and sometimes sadness. But, mostly anger. The one thing that improved was that I was sleeping deeper. Needless to say, I was happy I joined the Facebook group because there were so many others experiencing the same symptoms and some, even worse. So I felt like I had a tribe going through it with me.  

Week 3:  Things get much better. Most of the unstressing has subsided, although I still have my moments. Thank God my husband stuck it out with me. He definitely felt the unstressing and was not enjoying it. But it feels amazing knowing that all of the negative energy and stuff built up over the years via various challenging experiences is leaving my body. I notice I have a lot more energy in the second half of my day after meditation. I also notice I’m less reactive. I’m falling asleep much easier and my sleep is deep.

End of Week 4: I’m singing, Hallelujah the unstressing is ovaah!  By week 4 I notice that I can sometimes sleep fewer hours and still feel well-rested, which was rare for me prior to Ziva. I have more control over my thoughts and how I respond to things. Prior to Ziva, I started to struggle with anxiety (which is something I have never struggled with) and neither has anyone in my family. I was also feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed, which of course, caused me to be upset or angry. This has all subsided. No joke. I’ve always had pretty good focus, but my mind is clear and I am more creative. I am way more compassionate. Also, I am naturally intuitive and had felt like I’d lost some of that, but it is definitely more heightened now.

In conclusion, go read this book and start committing to a meditation practice. Some of the most influential and successful people do it. Meditation really does enhance your life, and I am sure it will continue to add more benefits the more I do it. I never thought I’d be able to meditate twice a day every day, but it has become the only meditation I have ever stuck with. Plus I am 10x happier. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

4 thoughts on “My Experience After Doing 30 Days of Ziva Meditation

  1. Brandon Kornegay

    great read lady!!! I most definitely need to download her book on audible.. In the past it was difficult to stick with it but i’m so open to try again.

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