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Best Beauty Products That Travel Well

July 19, 2019

Photo: RMS Beauty

Between my hair products, skincare and makeup, It appears that half of my suitcase is filled with beauty products. Trust me, I try to bring as little as possible, but sometimes it is nearly impossible.

Lately, I’ve been selective with the types of cosmetics I bring, especially when it comes to makeup. There are two prerequisites for makeup making it into my bag:

  1. Is it multi-purpose?
  2. Is it a solid or cream formula?

Asking these two questions saves me space and time from cleaning up spills/leaks from products that have spread throughout my cute toiletry bag. Plus, I don’t have to pull it out for TSA, allowing me to bring more important beauty items I wouldn’t otherwise get out of the airport with (this is especially true when traveling in other countries).

On my last trip, I reached for stick and cream formulas only and it was wonderful. A few brands I love for travel that typically fit my criteria are Fenty Beauty, Lush Cosmetics, and RMS Beauty.

Lush Massage Bar 

This body moisturizer is solid and perfect for travel. You can purchase smaller ones that can last you one trip and you don’t have to bring it back with you. And they have tins you can purchase to store them.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix

You can wear one Shimmer Skinstick as an eyeshadow, blush or a little body sparkle. The perfect formula for an easy and quick makeup look.

RMS Beauty

I love the “Un” Cover-Up. This cream product comes in a little glass pot and doubles as a concealer and foundation that is heavenly. It’s crazy how it’s not too dewy or matte. I use the concealer in 55 under my eyes and I will use my finger or brush. I’m so happy they finally extended their shade range because 55 used to be the darkest shade. Mouth drop, right? I guess, better late than never.


What are your favorite cosmetics to travel with? Let me know in the comments! 

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