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Money Mindset: Knowing Your Value and Worth

September 16, 2019

Hello by @helloimnik

I recently had an hour and a half long phone call with my mom about money, career, and the notion of self-worth.  And for a few moments, I went on a rant that seemed to literally pour out of me as if it wasn’t me talking, but God.  I remember feeling at that moment, like “Whoa, who is this woman?!” My mom was like, “Girl, you are preaching!” I felt every word that I said. And even though I’m not there, there yet, I am pretty darn close.  And I know in my bones, those words to be true.

It is this:  Your self-worth, value, and purpose are not linked to the value given to you from your employer, career or clients.

I will repeat this again. Your self-worth, value, and purpose are not linked to the value given to you from your employer, career or clients. 

Maybe you’re reading this thinking, “Yeah, yeah, I know that.”  But, do you? One day, it just smacked me in the face. I realized that I connected my worth to whatever company I was working for or the money I was making or sometimes lack thereof.  If I was not getting X job or not getting the raise or the offer I felt I deserved, then I would start feeling some type of way and eventually become resentful. That feeling is a good indicator that my value was too tied up in external factors.  And yes, of course, when these things happen to us, it can be upsetting but it should not diminish us.

Knowing your intrinsic value is a big part of developing a healthier money mindset.  When you feel like you don’t need to consume, consume, consume, and when you are connected to who you are and what God says about you, miraculously you will get very clear about your finances and where you want those funds to go.  It won’t take as much self-discipline to not buy this or that as it once did. You will be able to work with what you have and still accomplish your financial goals. 

So, the first step to aligning your money mindset is to work on disconnecting your value as a person from how much money you make, your career, and your possessions. 

Now, do you agree?  Let’s get the conversation started.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

3 thoughts on “Money Mindset: Knowing Your Value and Worth

  1. Araceli V

    I 100% agree! I was once at a place in my life where I placed alot of value on how much I was making, where I worked (even though I wasn’t really happy) and I never felt fulfilled. Now, I own my own business and don’t make as much $$ but so much more fulfilled.

    1. Jennifer Rose Post author

      Isn’t it crazy how that happens? I think as we mature, we re-think what fulfilled means to us. And because you feel so good about what you’re doing, inevitably you’ll be blessed with more $$. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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