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Sh*t I Stopped Buying

February 1, 2020

With the start of the new year, I thought it would be a good idea to share more about my spending habits as of late. As I reflected on this, it was really interesting to see how my tastes and interests have evolved over time. As well as priorities. Those over-30 money habits definitely hit different, and I find that they are more in line with what makes me happy in the long run. But also reflects what I enjoy most, and that caters to the lifestyle I want to live. So, here it goes.

What I DON’T Spend My Money On


I have my go-to concealers, tinted moisturizer as well as a foundation for when I really want a beat look, and I just don’t think I need to buy any more complexion products at this point. Although I am open to trying new things, I can only wear one at a time. And I don’t wear it enough to have multiples.

Eye creams

In my opinion, eye cream is unnecessary and is simply a marketing gimmick. I just dab additional serum and moisturizer and “wala magic!” LOL

Home decor trinkets

I stopped buying these years ago. They just collect dust and become another thing I have to clean. Not I said the cat.

Facial toner

If you’re not using a non-stripping cleanser, you don’t need a toner. And by the way, if you are, find something new. Plus, toners are not the best vehicle for incorporating treatments into your routine.

Travel mugs

As much as I love my mugs, I had to stop buying these when I traveled because there’s only so many I can use in a week. And I don’t have space for all of that.

Different types of home cleaning products

Another marketing trap in my opinion. I use the Seventh Generation multipurpose cleaner, Clorox wipes (for when I’m being lazy) and Windex. Boom there it is.


I used to love my watches but I just don’t wear them as often and have no desire to purchase more.

Gym membership

Little known fact, I have never had a gym membership in my life. I’ve always worked out at home with apps (been using the Tone It Up app for a year now and love it) or a home gym. And it works for me. I have my booty bands, weights, and mats. And this allows me to workout anywhere, anytime, even if it’s just 15 minutes. 

Bottled water

I hate plastic bottles. Enough said.

Dressy clothes for nights out

First of all, I don’t go out a whole lot, and when I do, I just dress up what I already have with accessories and heels. I have found that these types of clothes just sit in my closet, only to be worn once or twice a year. If I need something for a special occasion, I am going full Rent The Runway.

Shave gel 

Like, why? Use a moisturizing body wash (or, hot tip: hair conditioner!)

Facial oils 

Most facial oils are not beneficial and can have the reverse effect you’re looking for over a period of time. Just make sure your moisturizer is occlusive and actually keeps your skin hydrated, if you need to up the moisture.

What I DO spend money on

Specialty health and wellness items and foodstuffs

More haircuts

More massages, spa days, acupuncture

Higher quality fashion items or recycled items

Eating out




Saving, saving, saving!

What are you spending dos and don’ts? Share with me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Sh*t I Stopped Buying

  1. kaj

    Ditto on the trinkets!!! I just feel like why do I want to spend all that time dusting them. And I use ecloth so I don’t need to use many cleaners. With the ecloth you could get rid of the 7th gen and the windex. You would still need clorox wipes for toilets as I don’t like using reusable towels on toilets.

  2. Rena

    I got a good glass bottle and fill it with filtered water.
    I used to collect shot glasses on my trips, now I collect jewelry. It’s more valuable and reminds me of my travels whenever I wear it ?
    This year I’m committed to self-care so I’m with you on the massages and acupuncture…also chiropractor.


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