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August 27, 2020

MONDAY FRIDAY matching loungewear set

@fashanieceta wearing the Power Set

So, we’ve been surviving this pandemic for quite some time now. We are coming up on our sixth month since the alarm was rung. How ya’ll feeling? I’m not gonna lie, I have good days and bad days; but overall, the socially distanced life is definitely weighing heavily, as I am sure it is for everyone. The novelty of zoom celebrations and WFH has truly worn off. Some of us are still looking for work, some of us are missing fun and excitement, some of us are beyond overwhelmed with having to homeschool little ones while working full time, and many of us are a combination of these. We are all coming from different vantage points. But, one thing is for sure and that is that we want to feel and look our best, even if we are mostly doing that from home.

While I have indeed been neglecting this blog, I did decide to launch MONDAY FRIDAY!  It is an online store dedicated to matching sets and staple pieces. It’s for women who work from home and still want to feel in control of their day, look good and feel comfortable while doing it. Most of the brands I sell are made in LA, high quality, and affordable. 

Where did the inspo come from? Well, when this whole quarantine thing went down, I was only finding either cheap loungewear or really expensive loungewear that looked dope, but I wasn’t willing to pay the high price. I wanted to fill the gap for selfish reasons. I was in search of cool pieces I could rock in my internal zoom meetings, but also taking my dog out or running an errand. 


MONDAY FRIDAY Linen Set (available in milk and dove)

Here’s the great news:  I am giving my blog readers a special discount! Use the code MONARCHBLOG and get 20% off at (expires Aug 31.)

As far as the future for this blog, this may or may not be the last post. With the launch of MONDAY FRIDAY and working a highly demanding full-time job, it doesn’t seem to fit anymore. However, I do plan on posting more on my IG, and maybe there I will do mini blog posts. So, follow me at @itsjenniferrose. Either way, I love to write and will always be writing in some capacity. Maybe I’ll move over to Medium. We shall see. 

Stay healthy. Stay strong. We will get through this. 

Joy comes in the morning. -Psalms 30:5

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