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Let’s Go Pot Shopping

August 26, 2016

Let’s Go Pot Shopping on #living #pot #planter @itsjenniferrose

….and not the fun kind, although finding planter pots can be very enjoyable as well. Ha!  And this is probably the only kind of shopping I should be doing, as I have put myself on a tight budget to pay off student loan debt. (more on that in a future post!)  I digress.  Back to plants.  So, our apartment has really come together and it looks exactly the way I want.  We are doing are best to keep it minimal and to not have so much stuff.  I will share about our living room decor in a separate blog post.  But right now we are at the point of adding more plants to our home.  We bought a big, beautiful, house plant from the nursery on Fairfax and Willoughby, if you are in the LA area. They have affordable prices and really gorgeous, healthy plants.

Now that we’ve bought our big one, I need to take better care of my little babies, and get a few new planters.  Here are some inexpensive ones that I am currently digging, for my succulent and my Elephant Foot: read more

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9 Stylish Hotel Rooms to Inspire Your Dream Home

April 27, 2016

9 Stylish Hotel Rooms to Inspire Your Dream Home #monarch #interior #decor #travel #home

In my previous living posts, I talked about being in the throws of re-decorating my place and was super inspired.  And of course, I planned on shooting a tour and featuring it on the blog.  However, since I am now moving at the end of the month, and will be decorating again, I decided to hold off and chronicle the process in a new space.  Of course, I am re-inspired by decor again, and even more excited.   I’m still not quite sure of what I want each room to look like, but here are a few stylish hotel spaces that get my creative juices going. read more


9 U.O. Kitchen Finds

March 18, 2016

I’m rarely surfing the U.O. website like I used to back in my college days, but the other day I somehow ended up in the kitchen section and was blown away by all the cute, yet functional items they have.  There are quite a few hidden gems that every kitchen should have.  Here are 9 items I’m lusting after.

Sushi Making Kit

Complete with a rolling mat, paddle, and chopsticks for easy sushi making.

UO Kitchen Finds on #monarch #kitchen #sushikit read more


Interior Inspirations: 8 Creative Dining Areas

February 11, 2016

custom backdrops

The dining area is a very important area of your home.  It is where two or more gather for a meal prepared from the heart.  It is where connections are made, deep conversation is had and lots of laughter is shared. So, with this post, I wanted to give this special area or room its due. read more


11 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Home Under $200

December 17, 2015

11 Gift Guide Ideas For The Home 10

If you are anything like me, and are still procrastinating gift shopping, or have no idea what to buy, may I suggest a few gift ideas for the home?  I rounded up some beautiful items that any gal with a taste for rad home goods will go gaga over.  And the best part? They are all under $200.  Happy shopping!

White Marble Seashell Box
This beautiful mix of marble and gold is perfect for that dream beachfront home.  A girl can dream, can’t she?  No matter where your home is situated, this is is a beautiful accessory that can go in the bedroom or the living room.

A set of Moscow Mule mugs  
These gorge minimalist copper mugs are a must-have for the Mule lover.  Grab a set of four and DIY a gift box that includes the makings for a perfect Moscow Mule.  Voila!
11 Gift Guide Ideas For The Home 9 read more