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9 Ways To Leave Others Love Struck

November 6, 2015

9 Ways To Leave Others Love Struck on

Not too long ago I read an article on one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, Zen Habits, that inspired me to do some self-reflection.  The blogger gushes about his mother’s post-visit magic–leaving him and his family love struck, and with new hobbies, passions and better versions of themselves.  I asked myself the question, “Am I making others’ lives better?” Now, I don’t mean in the sense of philanthropy and giving back.  I am coming from the point of view, of my walking around, everyday life.  The daily little things. read more


My 4 Favorite Lipsticks for Fall

September 10, 2015

My 4 Favorite Fall Lipsticks 2015 on TheDailyMonarch.comHello, 100 degrees in September!  Welcome.  I prepared for your impending doom.  I saved all of my super summery outfits just for you and (thought) I was mentally ready for your intensity.  Folks, It is BLAZING here in Los Angeles.  Like literally, you step out of your comfortable air conditioned car, and you are overwhelmed by the sweltering heat.

With that said, you know I’m uber ready for fall, and excited to break out the warmer tones and vampy lippies for the season.  Check out the lipsticks that will soon be on my lips near you! read more


JOMO: The Beautiful Joy of Missing Out

August 27, 2015

JOMO: The Beautiful Joy of Missing Out on

I love being home.  Being surrounded by scented candles, my iPad mini, and a great home cooked meal cooked by yours truly is a perfect day to me.  And did I forget to mention undisturbed?  I am sure it seems quite odd because if you follow me on social media, it seems as though I love to be the life of the party, and am always out and about.  And sometimes, my life is definitely non-stop – I am an ambivert.  BUT, most of the time I prefer saying no to social obligations and being home doing the things I love and that bring me joy.  So if you feel the same way I do, I am here to tell you there is nothing wrong with that. read more


Brunch Money

July 30, 2015

brunchFirst of all, this pouch.  THIS POUCH!  I mean.  Forever21 has some hits, and this is definitely one of them. Post church service, I LOVE to brunch and day party on Sundays.  I know, I know. Shhh!  It’s the best thing, ever.  There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than spending quality time with the ones I love while sippin’ somethin’ and enjoying a yummy breakfast as the sun is shining on our faces, and laughs fill the air, with no care in the world and no place to be.

This past Sunday after many attempts to hit up The Parlor for #HashtagLunchBag, I finally made it with two of my girls.  And we had a BLAST.  I’ve always been a philanthropist and passionate about giving back whenever I can, however I can– but seriously, who knew giving back could be this fun!? read more