Autumn/Winter 2019 Wardrobe Update

October 4, 2019

Fall fashion is finally here, folks. It is my favorite time of year! But, you already know that, and no I don’t mind sounding like a broken record. I already have a lot of pieces I am excited to wear again from last autumn/winter like my white ankle boots and teddy coat. I do not plan to buy a whole lot this season because I simply don’t need it. I have some great pieces in my current wardrobe, patiently awaiting my return. I want to focus my monies on saving, travel and decorating our new place. So, here is a list of items I’ll be re-wearing, and what is on my wishlist. I plan to buy gently used or resale when possible. 


& Other Stories Pointed Toe White Booties

I used to be so afraid of white shoes, but I took a chance on a pair of white booties from & Other Stories. They were the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe last year. They look very similar to the Tom Ford ones. They are comfy, stylish and they instantly elevate a simple outfit. Similar pair here. 

Zara Oversized Check Blazer

My husband gifted me this for my birthday last year, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. The fabric is just heavy enough for cooler temps here in LA, and I can wear it with so many items I already have in my closet. Another great style here

Everlane denim

The denim invasion happening in my closet is from Everlane. They just fit so perfectly without getting stretched out over time.  My go-to’s are the Kick Crop in light blue and the Cheeky Straight  Jean in faded indigo. 

& Other Stories Sweaters

I have developed an obsession with their sweaters. The quality is so good and so is the fit. I have two that I am excited to wear this season. One is bubble gum pink and the other chocolate brown. See similar sweaters here and here.

Zara Woven Mini Bag

I can’t stop wearing this it bag. Every time I pull it out, it makes me happy. It is my go-to for nights out. Plus, the removable gold chain makes it versatile for when the evening evolves. Zara needs to drop this again. See similar woven mini bag here

Zara Woven Mini Bag

Uniqlo Women Supima Cotton Stretch Long Sleeve Shirt

Please, Uniqlo, never stop selling this. It is great for tucking in or wearing out. Very comfortable, yet structured, it is a great smart casual white shirt. I alternate between this one and the Everyday Button-Up by Aritizia. 

Zara Skinny Faux Leather Pants

I always make sure I have a pair of leather pants in my fall wardrobe arsenal. I recently purchased these on sale over the summer, and I am excited to start rocking them soon. Zara has a variety of different faux leather styles right now. This trouser is also on my list. 

Zara Teddy Coat

I purchased the tan teddy coat last winter in Spain, and this coat trend is not slowing down anytime soon. It is perfect for cold weather adventures. See similar coat here.

Pull & Bear Black Moto Jacket

No surprise, here. My classic moto makes the cut every year. It has been my staple for the last 10 years. See similar jacket here


Everlane Boss Boot in Snake print

I’ve been looking for the perfect snake boot since 2018, and Everlane dropped the heat.

Nike Airmax 200

Don’t laugh. I’m kinda sorta starting to get into the dad shoe trend, and these spoke to me as soon as I came across them. 

Oversized Black Blazer

I have a few great blazers that will be in heavy rotation this fall, except the most important one – BLACK!  I am keeping my eyes open for the perfect one.

Dr. Martens

I never thought I’d finally add a pair of these to my wardrobe, but for some reason, I have been jonesing for ‘em.

Faux Leather Skirt

I had an amazing faux leather A-line skirt that I LOVED and wore for the last 4 years from F21, but it started falling apart, and I had to let it go. 

DeMellier London Oslo Bag

I have talked about this bag before in another blog post. It is mine in the name of Jesus! I claim it. LOL.  I am not a big handbag person as I usually wear the same two bags all year-round but Meghan Markle loves it. It is woman-owned, and for every bag you purchase, they fund a set of vaccines and treatments to save the life of a child in need.

Black Everlane Cashmere Crew 

This is another item I need to replace. I love crewneck sweaters, and my black Zara one fell apart after so many years of wear. It’s time for an upgrade! 

I am also selling some shoes on Poshmark that I’ve barely worn over the last couple of years, shop my closet!

Life shit

Money Mindset: Knowing Your Value and Worth

September 16, 2019

Hello by @helloimnik

I recently had an hour and a half long phone call with my mom about money, career, and the notion of self-worth.  And for a few moments, I went on a rant that seemed to literally pour out of me as if it wasn’t me talking, but God.  I remember feeling at that moment, like “Whoa, who is this woman?!” My mom was like, “Girl, you are preaching!” I felt every word that I said. And even though I’m not there, there yet, I am pretty darn close.  And I know in my bones, those words to be true.

It is this:  Your self-worth, value, and purpose are not linked to the value given to you from your employer, career or clients. read more


Money Habits To Get You Everything You Want

August 8, 2019

Photo by Content Pixie

The title hooked you, didn’t it?  Take note that I did not say, “and have it all at the same time.”  So, just simply remove that notion from your mind, effective immediately, LOL.  All jokes aside, I wanted to write a blog post about how using certain habits and having a specific mindset have helped me to take full control over money, allowing me to enjoy the things in life I have always wanted.  The gist is that you can have everything you want, but there are no shortcuts or quick fixes. And to be honest, 90% of it is really changing your perspective on the way you spend and save money (I will delve more into that in a separate blog post).  Cue the song, Money Good by Megan Thee Stallion. read more

Beauty inside and out - Travel

Best Beauty Products That Travel Well

July 19, 2019

Photo: RMS Beauty

Between my hair products, skincare and makeup, It appears that half of my suitcase is filled with beauty products. Trust me, I try to bring as little as possible, but sometimes it is nearly impossible.

Lately, I’ve been selective with the types of cosmetics I bring, especially when it comes to makeup. There are two prerequisites for makeup making it into my bag:

  1. Is it multi-purpose?
  2. Is it a solid or cream formula?

Asking these two questions saves me space and time from cleaning up spills/leaks from products that have spread throughout my cute toiletry bag. Plus, I don’t have to pull it out for TSA, allowing me to bring more important beauty items I wouldn’t otherwise get out of the airport with (this is especially true when traveling in other countries). read more

Beauty inside and out

My Skin Story + Minimalist Summer Skincare Routine

July 1, 2019

Here’s a little story of how I went from an expensive routine with unnecessary steps to a #skipcare routine that has left me with the best skin of my life.

I know skincare is having a huge moment but personally, as a lover of beauty, I got serious about my skincare right after college.

Becoming a skincare enthusiast 

At this time, my skin suffered so much from hormonal stuff that I had going on and I really didn’t know what to do. This was 2009 and natural products were on the rise. The clean beauty craze really kicked off around 2008/2009. So, I decided to try Kiss My Face products from Whole Foods and they actually helped A LOT but then my skin started to become dull. It was time to go back to science. Enter professional skincare brand here. For me, this was a very trusted brand because my aunt swore by this stuff as an aesthetician herself. And my skin got a lot better with consistent use. I almost exclusively used this brand until seven months ago. I almost never tried anything else because I was scared my skin would react badly.  read more


The White T-Shirts I Can’t Live Without

June 2, 2019

Hey guys! I’m back. It’s been a minute as I have been in transition since starting a new job. You know how that is. But I’m back in the swing of things and so excited to start blogging regularly again about the things I love and are on my heart to share. This week it is all about white t-shirts. It is finally starting to heat up here in Los Angeles and white tees are becoming the focal point of my outfit. Whether I pair them with the infamous leopard midi-length skirt of the year or a structured pair of lightweight trousers, I am very selective.

I don’t like spending $100 on the perfect white t-shirt, I think that is insane and unnecessary. A t-shirt can’t be THAT amazingly soft. It just can’t. So, as an avid tee wearer, here are my top picks you can’t go wrong with –  and as a bonus, they are better for the environment and/or won’t hurt your pockets. read more