Interior Inspirations: 8 Creative Dining Areas

February 11, 2016

custom backdrops

The dining area is a very important area of your home.  It is where two or more gather for a meal prepared from the heart.  It is where connections are made, deep conversation is had and lots of laughter is shared. So, with this post, I wanted to give this special area or room its due.

Everything in the below dining space, works.  It’s fun, whimsical and inviting.  Although, there’s a mix of prints, colors, styles and textures, there is unity.

Dining 2

The below color scheme is perfectly neutral and warm along with a strategic use of space.

Dining 5

Another great nook with a modern, yet retro vibe.

Dining 3

The next two dining areas are serene outdoor spaces done right, using natural materials in a fresh way.

Dining 4  Dining 6

I absolutely love the architectural appeal of this mini and neutral dining area.

Dining 7

The green chairs and lighting sets this dining room off.  Plus, I’m a sucker for the Banks style.

Dining Room 1

Images via Design Sponge, Tumblr, The Glitter Guide

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